About Us

At Brewlette, our secret lies in our blend, and we blend fun with flavour. Using the finest raw materials, we bring you a pleasingly balanced, fragrant, tantalizing twist on the norm. So, we’re not only reinventing tea into a modern concept, we’re rekindling the experience that comes with it - one that is truly tea-riffic!

Our Journey So Far

Brewlette was founded in 2015 with a simple vision of reinventing tea into a modern concept.
Today, Brewlette is a contemporary online brewery servicing pan India - catering from retail orders to B2B white labelling, hosting high tea caterings and experiential events, and gifting for corporates, weddings and festive favours.

Founder's Letter

Growing up I always thought of tea as "boring". May be that was because in India, tea has invariably been synonymous with 'chai' - typically a milky, sweetened and sometimes spiced blend of black tea.

However, during my master's degree pursuit in the United Kingdom, the winter chill forced me to explore some teas to keep warm and what I stumbled upon was a whole new world of tea!

There I stood in an aisle with an overwhelming range of assorted flavoured teas - green teas, black teas, herbal infusions, blended with a unique mix of fruits and flowers making an infinite combination of flavours. Needless to say, not too long after, I had turned into an ardent tea lover! 

My love for teas remained no secret and soon I had teas from all parts of the world gifted to me as farewell presents. On arriving back home, I rather quickly came to be known for my "exotic" tea collection and soon enough realised that I wasn't the only one in awe of these delectable flavoured teas - there was in fact, a huge potential and an untapped scope in the Indian market. 

Six months later, Brewlette was born - my entrepreneurial venture of turning my passion into my profession!

- Amareen Khuraana