1. Where are the teas from?

We source the finest tea leaves from different parts of India, primarily Darjeeling and Assam, and craft them into unique blends.

2. Are all your teas whole leaf? 

Yes, we use only premium quality whole leaf teas for all our blends. No broken tea leaves. No tea dust. 

Masala Chai as an exception has a bold CTC base for optimal taste experience.

3. Are the tea flavours natural?

All our teas are made with 100% natural ingredients. We do not use any artificial flavours or preservatives.

4. Are the teas vegan and low calorie?

All our teas are vegan, low in calories, flavorful, and healthy.


5. How long should I brew my teas?

Each tea comes with a specific brewing guide. While black and herbal teas require boiling water (100°C) to release their optimal flavor and a steeping time of 3 minutes, the more delicate green and white teas require less than boiling water (80°C) and a recommended steeping time of 2 minutes.

6. How do I achieve the perfect water temperature?

For green and white teas that require less than boiling temperature, simply turn off the heat, just before the boiling point is attained. Alternatively, if the water has boiled through completely, wait for 2 minutes to let the temperature cool down slightly and then pour over the tea leaves for infusion.

7. How much of tea leaves do I put for one cup of tea?

We recommend using 1 teaspoon, i.e. 2gms per 200ml cup.

8. If I want a stronger cup of tea, should I steep longer?

No, if you desire a stronger brew, increase the quantity of tea leaves being used to infuse instead of increasing the steeping duration. Over steeping will only result in making the tea bitter, not stronger.

9. How do I make an iced tea?

To brew as Iced Tea, brew as you would for a hot cup, but double the quantity of tea leaves. Strain and add sweetener to taste and let chill. In a tall glass add ice and pour over!

Alternatively, to make Cold Brewed Iced Teas: Steep the tea leaves overnight in room temperature water. 5 heaped teaspoons in 500 ml of water. Strain the tea in the morning. In a tall glass, add 1 part of tea, 1 part chilled water and the rest top it up with ice.


10. How do I store my tea? 

Oxygen, moisture, and foreign aromas are all enemies to the delicate subtleness of tea.  It is important to store tea in an airtight container in cool, dark, dry conditions and protect them form exposure to light, humidity, and high temperatures.


11. Do you ship pan India?

Yes, we offer pan India shipping.

12. Can I pay cash on delivery?

Currently due to the on going pandemic situation, we have restricted Cash on Delivery as a payment option keeping in mind the health and safety of our team members and delivery executives.

13. What is the minimum that I need to order?

We do not have any minimum order requirements and we ship even a single item order. However, we offer free shipping within India for order values above Rs. 999/- and charge a flat shipping price for orders below the same.

14. How long do you take to deliver once ordered?

Once the order has been received, products will be shipped within 24 - 48 hours and be delivered via standard shipping within 3 to 7 working days depending on the location.